Red Door Uses the #1 Marketing Platform to Reach Chinese and Australian Users

Why do more than one billion users from across Australia and worldwide log in to WeChat every single day?

It’s because not only is WeChat the #1 way Chinese speakers communicate with each other for calls and messaging, it is also the ideal destination for real estate, social media, and other lifestyle apps; making it is the best avenue for digital marketing and advertising services. There are more than three million users in Australia alone who use WeChat to communicate with each other, and with their friends and colleagues in China.

At Red Door, we utilise WeChat to help our clients reach a wider customer base. If you’re interested in marketing your brand from wherever you’re located in Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere across Australia to a Chinese audience, it’s time to learn more about WeChat.



WeChat is the number one social platform in China, with over 1 billion daily users. More than just social media, WeChat is a mega-app that users can manage their whole lives in - calls, chat, online banking, shopping, transport, news and more.Your key to a Chinese audiene starts with WeChat, and Red Door makes getting local visibility easy.

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The best way to access real estate, social media and lifestyle services in one location

The digital sphere can be complicated to conquer, but with the most popular communication, social media, and lifestyle apps all in one location, WeChat is the best way to get your advertising across to the masses – both Chinese customers, and local Chinese-speaking people in Australia’s hub cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Red Door is an advertising agency that, via WeChat, is able to promote property developers, real estate agents, and more to the billions of users who use WeChat as their primary communication method. Simply write and upload your content and our translators will convert your post from English to Chinese, and translate Chinese enquiries and messages back to English so you can respond. With billions of people logging into WeChat to communicate with each other, as well as accessing their favourite apps and content, this is the best way to find your ideal customer base in a global community.

From Melbourne to Sydney, see why Australians use Red Door on WeChat

How can we provide the best digital marketing services for your company? Get in touch with our customer support team today to learn more about advertising on WeChat, the app that started a global community.

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