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China’s mind-blowing digital economy in numbers

The size of China's digital economy is astounding. Here are 5 of the most mind-blowing statistics about the digital economy and its impact on China.

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The Great Firewall: Why Chinese consumers can’t see your website

If you have been to China before and tried to access any popular Western websites like Facebook or Google, you may have been surprised to discover they were blocked.

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The biggest barriers to accessing the Chinese market

The Chinese market is widely accepted as the next frontier for global businesses. But it's also one of the most difficult to crack.

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All About WeChat

Comparing Western social media to Chinese

It is extremely difficult for western social media apps to enter the Chinese market so China has created replacements that are accessible to Chinese.

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What do you know about Chinese tourists?

McKinsey & Co. have released an intriguing new report on Chinese Tourists titled "Everything you know about Chinese tourists is wrong"

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A good day to be Single?

Alibaba's "Singles Day", a 24 hour shopping extravaganza in China which takes place every year on 11/11 and has broken all one-day shopping records since it…

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Understanding China

Insights into Chinese culture, lifestyle, business and more

From Engineers to Bankers

As China went through a phase of rapid infrastructure growth, those surrounding President Xi Jinping were often engineers. As the political…

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Hong Kong Oligarchs

How the housing market in Hong Kong is controlled by a few wealthy families, and how it is contributing to the current unrest.

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5G in a Box

Globalisation is now seeing trade in products that requires a lifetime of trust, at the same time as countries like China and America find…

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Laying new BRICs

While the world has been focussed on US-China relations, and locally here what a shift will mean for Australia, leaders from China, Russia…

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What’s the deal with the social credit system in China?

Chinas new social credit system has sparked controversy across the west. Here is a brilliant breakdown from Visual Capitalist of how it…

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If you can’t beat ‘em: How the insatiable Chinese demand for baby formula affects Australian producers

Aussie Baby Formula company Bellamy's has agreed to a $1.5 billion takeover by Chinese company, Mengniu. Could this takeover help the baby…

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