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The Benefits of Doing Business in China

When Australians talk international trade, we talk China. The Asian superpower is comfortably our largest trading partner. Here's how Australian business can benefit from doing business in China.

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Just how big is the opportunity to market to China?

The next superpower. The world’s fastest growing middle class. 1.4 billion people. But just what do those things really mean for global brands?

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Why should Australian brands market to China?

Some have said we are living in the ‘Chinese Century’, but what exactly makes China so attractive for Australian brands?

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All About WeChat

WeChat for Businesses

Personal WeChat accounts are a great communication tool, but they rely on talking to contacts you already know. The true power for the property industry lies…

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Why Australian property is so popular in China

In 2015, Chinese investors ploughed $28.69 billion into the Australian economy. Approximately AUD $6.8billion of this went into Australian commercial and…

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Why WeChat

 We Chat has revolutionised communication, social media and online shopping. This mobile app is China’s ‘everything’ for communication, shopping, social media…

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Understanding China

Insights into Chinese culture, lifestyle, business and more

China across the globe

There are various reasons Chinese people are living, working and/or traveling overseas. These numbers that exist globally will astound you.

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Is China’s slowing economy impacting Apple?

Apple flourished in China when iPhones first came out in 2009, but is China's "slowing" economy impacting the brand negatively?

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Courage in the China Trade War Crisis?

Does the US-China Trade war mean you should hold back from doing business in China?

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Chinese Tourism – by Numbers

Tourism is booming in China, as the middle class grows. Here are the astonishing numbers of the impact the tourism market has globally.

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What can we expect in China in 2019?

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who make outdated, misguided or ill informed comments about China who haven’t been there for…

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China or Bust in 2019!

If you and your business aren't thinking about how to take advantage of the China opportunity in the next two years, you're missing out!…

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