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The Chinese Obsession with Australian Property

China has 16.5 million high net worth individuals and 568 billionaires. Their combined net worth is equivalent to Australia’s GDP.

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Why enter the Chinese Market?

The size of the Chinese market is simply staggering.

China has almost 1.4 billion people, with a significant percentage already (or will) become foreign property investors. This investment is projected to reach a staggering USD$220b by 2025.

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All About WeChat

Social Media in China

China is home to the largest social media network with a massive 911 million active monthly users. Understand how different the market is to what we know here.…

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Understanding China

Insights into Chinese culture, lifestyle, business and more

The Power of Relationships in China

The value of long-term and well established relationships in China is extremely beneficial for your business success.

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How many words is too many in China?

Are Australians using too many words to communicate in China? Find out the best way to get your point across simply and quickly.

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Why the Chinese middle class is such a big opportunity

Whilst it may seem intimidating doing business in China, the Chinese middle class is growing at a rapid rate, and opening up a huge…

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The Benefits of Doing Business in China

When Australians talk international trade, we talk China. The Asian superpower is comfortably our largest trading partner. Here's how…

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China’s rapid growth in Airports

China has had massive growth in the number of airports, said to reach 450 by 2035. Why? To sustain rapid growth in middle class and…

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Just how big is the opportunity to market to China?

The next superpower. The world’s fastest growing middle class. 1.4 billion people. But just what do those things really mean for global…

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