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A 70th birthday party is more than enough of an excuse to smile, and next Tuesday, 1st October, marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a day of celebration in China and the start of “Golden Week”, a one week holiday involving travel, good weather and, after the long hot summer, comfortable temperatures. Most businesses will be closed next week, a much needed break for Chinese families to be reunited within China and also around the world.

Many people will travel by train within China to visit their families and so, as observed by the Shanghaiist, “the Chengdu’s railway group has shown off photos from an etiquette training course where female attendants shaped their smiles with the help of a chopstick in their mouths. Though the group says that it’s trying to ensure a better image for China’s birthday, this kind of training is actually quite common for female transport workers across the country who will have to try to keep smiling as the Middle Kingdom is consumed by Golden Week travel chaos at the start of next month”.

Keep smiling!

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