Huawei tops the Top 500 list

Despite a crackdown on the firm by the US, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei sits top a list of China's 500 largest private enterprises list.

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How to get a WeChat Account in Australia

A comprehensive guide to getting a WeChat Account including for International businesses without a Chinese licence and how to set up personal accounts.

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Comparing Western social media to Chinese

It is extremely difficult for western social media apps to enter the Chinese market so China has created replacements that are accessible to Chinese.

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Mobile Phone Usage in China

Knock-Off Apps. Billions of Users. The Curious Case of Smartphones in China

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China’s mind-blowing digital economy in numbers

The size of China's digital economy is astounding. Here are 5 of the most mind-blowing statistics about the digital economy and its impact on China.

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The Great Firewall: Why Chinese consumers can’t see your website

If you have been to China before and tried to access any popular Western websites like Facebook or Google, you may have been surprised to discover they were blocked.

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The biggest barriers to accessing the Chinese market

The Chinese market is widely accepted as the next frontier for global businesses. But it's also one of the most difficult to crack.

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Why the Chinese middle class is such a big opportunity

Whilst it may seem intimidating doing business in China, the Chinese middle class is growing at a rapid rate, and opening up a huge opportunity for Australian businesses.

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The Benefits of Doing Business in China

When Australians talk international trade, we talk China. The Asian superpower is comfortably our largest trading partner. Here's how Australian business can benefit from doing…

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Just how big is the opportunity to market to China?

The next superpower. The world’s fastest growing middle class. 1.4 billion people. But just what do those things really mean for global brands?

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