Your Bespoke WeChat Strategy

Every client is different - whether it is weekly content to keep agents engaged, targeted lead generation, Chinese influencer marketing or translation, we're ready to help. Our WeChat solutions include:

Account Set Up

We'll set up a verified WeChat account that's owned by you - not by us or any other company - and visible internationally - including China.

QR Code Strategy

QR codes are essential to WeChat marketing. We'll create bespoke QR codes for your properties to drive Chinese leads across all media.

Get Beyond the Great Firewall

Most foreign apps and websites are blocked in China. With a global, verified WeChat presence you've got a direct line to buyers in China, and in their #1 digital platform.

Bespoke Content

WeChat is all about compelling content. Let us find the unique angles that will hit the mark in China, and craft great, localised copy that sells.

Translated Collateral

As well as WeChat, we can create translated brochures, agent's books, handouts and more to help you sell internationally.

Creative WeChat Apps

WeChat is designed to create apps (similar to Apple) with all kinds of creative possibilities. Use WeChat to engage in many more ways than just chatting.

Additional Services

We specialise in WeChat marketing, but can also assist with a range of services to target a Chinese audience - locally and offshore.

Chinese Content Marketing

Writing & distributing engaging content for social media, websites and more.

Social Media Accounts

Setting up official, verified accounts on Chinese social media for international companies. Includes WeChat, Weibo, QQ, Youku and more.

Social Media Management

Social strategies to manage and grow a following on Chinese social media accounts & generate leads.

Digital Advertising

Targeting digital advertising to generate leads from a Chinese audience - both locally and offshore

Print Marketing & Design

Designing and booking ads in Chinese media publications (locally and offshore).

Media Buying

Booking advertising in the most effective media platforms (online and offline) to reach the right target audience, effectively.

Targeting Database Marketing

Target Red Door's databases - from local High Net Worth Individuals to offshore buyers for effective lead generation.


Translate and localise your marketing collateral - from print brochures to online content.

KOL/Influencer Marketing

Drive word of mouth marketing for the most effective strategy to convert a Chinese audience into buyers.

Want to learn more?

Enquire below to talk about what your strategy to target a local or offshore audience could be.