China's app for everything

WeChat is a "mega-app" that combines thousands of apps into one. With a captive audience blocked from Western technology, WeChat has built in the best of Silicon Valley, which has driven it's dominance of the Chinese digital landcsape and made it the must-have app.

1.057 billion


38 billion


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How WeChat Works

WeChat started as a messenger app, but it's incredible success has seen in develop into much more. Developers are able to create "mini-programs" within WeChat that can do almost anything you can imagine: payments, online banking, taxi ordering, food delivery and more. Which means users almost never need to leave the app.

Built for Mobile

All WeChat functions are designed to work perfectly on a mobile phone, making websites a thing of the past in China.

QR Code dominance

While QR codes never quite took off in the West, they have thrived with WeChat. Within the app you can scan a code to make payments, transfer money, enquire with a business and more. QR codes are essential to WeChat's functionality.

WeChat Pay

With it's built in payment system, WeChat is more common than a credit card in China. Where Apple Pay has struggled, WeChat has dominated, and you can even see stores in Australia adopting WeChat pay.

Chats, Calls, Video, Location Sharing

Wechat dominates communications in China with easy chat functions (including groups), free calling, video calling, location sharing, and more.


One of WeChat's most innovative functions is the ability to translate messages in a chat, making global communications easier than ever before.

Content is King

Content is at the core of WeChat. Business accounts are built around sharing long form articles with creative designs, images and videos, rather than a news feed of short snippets

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